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My name is Maja which is pronounced Maya and Tasty & Tempting is my page about my culinary creations. Here is a little about me so you can get to know me better.


 I am originally from Slovenia, small south-central European country which borders on Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary.

My plans at first were to go to New York City and do my profession which is make-up art and then return home after a year or two with some great experiences. Well, everything went well until I met the best man on earth, my husband. Everything is still going well, actually great, but I guess God had different plans than I had for myself. So after two years living in New York City I moved down to the South to a small town in Georgia. I must say it was a huge change from New York but at the same time it was like being back at my home town in Slovenia in Novo mesto.

I admit I was a bit lost in the beginning because it was not much going on there compared to New York, but at the same time I was really tired of the Big Apple; you can never rest there, life is too fast but it has its own charm. So sometimes I missed New York. So there I was, didn’t have a job, make-up was not really happening there, so I had to fulfill my days somehow. I went back to my roots, to all the activities I put on a side in past years, when there was no time for them. Usually because of the work, school, parties and travelling. I started painting again, I learnt how to knit again, the artistic side of me came out again. I was doing all those things that in teenage years and student time weren’t my priorities anymore. Anyway, I could say inner me stepped out again.

Well, there was one thing always there. The love for cooking and baking. Ooh I love to spend my time in the kitchen. And while living in USA I expanded my cooking ideas. I’ve learnt a lot about southern food, which reminds me of food at home, and sometimes I combine European meals with American. Lots of my friends ask me how they cook or bake some stuff here in USA and American friends also like to hear about our food. It is just so interesting and sometimes challenging to me, to combine those two cuisines or just to find the right ingredients to form a true Slovenian meal. I could just say that kitchen is my favorite place in the house.

But it wasn’t always like that. I still remember how my mum sometimes called me into the kitchen when she was making dinner and wanted me to watch what she was doing. ”Look look” she would be saying and I just wanted to walk away, eeeww cooking, I hated it, I hated pilling potatoes or cutting anything. The worst thing was when I had to wash lettuce. That was just so much work and everything had to look nice and good, but I just didn’t see the point in it – we were gonna eat it anyway, so why the big deal about the look. But when I was in high school all that changed. There was this TV show, I think it was called ”Lunch in 20 minutes” or something like that. They were making those simple meals, cooked fast, nothing complicated. So I started cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. You should see how happy my mum was that I finally showed some interest in cooking. Maybe even a little to much after some time. Hahaha, my dad started to complain that he just wants to eat normal food, while I was on my experimenting mission, from Mexican to Asian food. With all that cooking I soon realized that everything my mum showed me, and even though it wasn’t interesting for me back then, somehow stayed in my mind. I just had the right feeling if you know what I mean.

Then came college years and I guess I was one of a few students who didn’t go eat out every day but mostly cooked at home. I just loved to cook for my friends, would have a great dinner with them and see them enjoying my food. I would also be in charge for birthday cakes for each of my friends. I knew I’m a cooking junkie when I realized I spend most of my money in a grocery store, not out in bars and clubs, like most students.

So I guess you’re wondering where does Tasty & Tempting come into this story. Well in the last few years my baking creativity started to rise. Besides cooking I was always baking something and never really cared about the look, but now I’m doing it on a completely new level. Now the cake is not just the cake anymore, it’s a tasty piece of art. Every cake pop or cupcake is a unique sweet treat. And since I have my dogs, pretty girls named Brooklyn and Peanut I found it interesting creating homemade dog treats and dog food. I could say that for every single meal I prepare is made with love and a lot of patience.

If you would like to know more about my kitchen adventures, please, feel free to check my blog. It’s about sharing ideas, recipes, knowledge about cooking and baking and maybe you will find something you would like to try, something new, maybe something you already know, either way something tasty and tempting for sure.

Just an update.

After 3 years of living in Georgia we moved back to New York, to Brooklyn. We loved it, but it didn’t give us time to do anything extra because life there is just too fast. Having two dogs and a job there was no time for me to write a blog. After a year spent in Brooklyn we now moved to Morristown in New Jersey and we love it. Feels like home. Like a real home. And now I’m back to blogging. And I also have some new ideas and new projects coming up, so stay with me, like and follow me on facebook for more updates.

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Maja Tasty & Tempting