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Rustic Buckwheat Bread – Domaci Ajdov Kruh

Za slovenski jezik, preskoci angleski zapis. Buckwheat Bread is a longtime tradition in Slovenia. In old times, poor people ate buckwheat bread. They called it black bread because of its black color. And the white bread was something special and only wealthy people ate it. But things changed. Markets are full of white bread and white flour and gluten. And more… Read more →

Bled Cream Cake – Blejska Kremsnita

Mmmhmmm Blejska Kremsnita [Krem-shnee-ta] is one of my favorite desserts! My mum was always making this Bled Cream Cake, and I remember eating it for breakfast, snack and dinner. 🙂 Kremsnita is a very popular dessert in several Central-European countries and there are many different variations. They can be topped with chocolate (Zagrebacka kremsnita) which is Croatian Cream cake, they can bi filled with… Read more →

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