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Slovenia: National Day – Dan drzavnosti

Za slovenski jezik, prosim preskoci angleski zapis. I think it’s important to remind ourselves and tell others the history of my country, Slovenia. So first I would like to tell you a brief history of forming of my country, since it’s so hard to find out about it: 24 years ago, in 1991 on June 25th Slovenia declared independence from… Read more →

Classic Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole ali Pecenje iz sladkega krompirja za dan zahvalnosti

Za slovenski jezik, preskoci angleski zapis. Sweet Potato casserole is one of my favorite dishes I have ever eaten in USA. It was two years ago, for a Thanksgiving dinner when I tasted this delicious casserole. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for the recipe and honestly I didn’t really know anything about sweet potatoes. So later that year I started looking… Read more →

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